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There are plenty of great resources out there for people looking to play a traditional instrument. Here at mandolintutor.com I hope to offer my own take on learning and enjoying the mandolin, keeping lessons clear, simple and enjoyable, so that you can follow your musical intuition and focus on getting playing.

I am an experienced mandolinist and multi-instrumentalist, teaching and performing regularly in the UK and abroad for the last ten years, with an eclectic musical background that includes a keen interest in the American traditions of old time and bluegrass music, as well as traditional folk from the British Isles and across Europe.


My current projects include The Shackleton Trio and bluegrass and originals trio Clark Zuppardi Hartley.  I also perform alongside BBC Folk Award nominees Dan Walsh and Ciaran Algar in the Dan Walsh Trio. 

'a sensitive arranger, brilliant perfomer and excellent teacher'

- Karen Tweed

"a superb mandolin player"

-Mike Harding


'especially fine"

- fRoots