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Angelina Baker

Old Time // Key of D // Beginner

Angelina Baker is a nice standard old time tune. It can be played with mostly downstrokes, but watch out for those upstroke eighth notes at the end of some bars.

Glory In The Meeting House

Old Time // Key of E Mixolydian // Intermediate

Glory In The Meeting House is a fun old time tune in the key of E Mixolydian. This means it shares the same notes as the key of A Major. Check out my lessons on scales and modes.

Whiskey Before Breakfast

Traditional/Bluegrass // Key of D // Intermediate

There are numerous versions of and ways to play Whiskey Before Breakfast. It's a great workout for developing a nice fluid right hand, with lots of scale patterns in first position.

Red Prairie Dawn

Old Time // Key of A // Intermediate

Red Prairie Dawn is a pretty old time tune that has some stretches on the G and D strings.

Amazing Grace

Traditional // Key of G // Beginner

Amazing Grace is a classic popular hymn melody. Here are two versions, one fairly simple and another with chordal embellishments. Head over to the Lessons pages for tips on embellishing tunes.

Goodbye Girls I'm Going to Boston

Old Time// Key of A Mixolydian // Intermediate

Goodbye Girls is a popular modal old time tune played in the key of A Mixolydian. For more information on modes, and how to embellish tunes, head over to the Lessons page.

Cattle In The Cane

Old Time/Bluegrass // Key of A Mixolydian // Intermediate

Cattle In The Cane (or Cattle In The Corn) is a great fiddle tune that works well on the mandolin. The A part is in A Mixolydian and the B Part is in A Aeolian. For more information on scales, keys and modes head over to the Lessons page.